Political Crises in MP begins ? Will BJP come again in Power?


Political crises in MP begins after quiting Congress party of an young leader of Congress Jyotiraditya Scindia. Scindia was a young and powerful leader of Congress. He has submitted his resignation letter to president of Congress Sonia Gandhi.

It was said that Scindia has been demanded for CM Post after that demand for State President but Some oldest Congress leaders was not in favor of Scindia. As known Rajya Sabha election will going on soon against vacant sheets. Once again Scindia demands sheet for Rajya Sabha but again Congress leaders digvijaya and Kamalanath was not agree on his nomination.

Yesterday Scindia meet Prime minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah and after that resign from Congress. Now It is shaying Scindia and his followers may join BJP Today as officially.

Total 228 sheets are in MP Assembly after death of 2 MLAs. So effective sheets for form a government is 104. Currently congress has 94 sheets after resignation of 22 MLAs. BJP is in opposition with 107 MLAs. In this condition if Speaker accepts resignation of 22 MLAs without any doubt than Congress will lose majority in MP and BJP may form government. Current Kamalnath government may demand to Governor to dissolve legislative assembly but It is dependent on Governor only.

Hence Scindia has play a game changing role in MP Assembly. It is also saying that BJP want to target offended MLAs of Congress in Maharashtra with help of Scindia to come into the power.

If everything is going as BJP decided than Speaker may ask to floor test to proof majority and after that BJP may invited to form next government. Kamalnath has not more opposition to proof majority and he may resign before floor test.

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