UPTET 2019 Preparation Strategies

UPTET 2019

UPTET 2019 Preparation Strategies

What is the strategy to put in UPTET 2019 to crack it?

As long as years are going, there are competition increasing. After the new order of SC, competition has become tough due to large no of candidates. In this situation, qualify UPTET 2019 is not easy without a strategies of preparation.

How to plan a good Strategies for preparation?

Before making UPTET 2019 preparation Strategies, understandings of syllabus and question pattern are required.

  • Question Numbers –  Each section consists 30 questions.
  • Questions Type – Objective Type (MCQs) with 4 multiple answers, one will be correct.
  • Exam Mode – Offline.
  • Medium of Examination– The question paper will be in both medium English and Hindi.
  • Question Marking– Each question carries 1 mark each.
  • Penalty of wrong Answer or Negative Marking – No provision penalty of wrong answer or negative marking.
  • No. of Sections – 4 sections.

UPTET BEST BOOKS For Preparation

Preparation Strategies before Examinations

1. Good Guidance: Some people think good Guidance means join a coaching or institution for preparation. “NO” good Guidance means understanding of Examinations.  Preparation Books may guide you well also. So for preparation select good competitive books.

2. Proper Study Plan: Plan a strategy for the preparation of the exam. Planning makes task easy and optimized. Prepare study time table and also take the time to analyzing your ability.

3. Preparation needs continuity: Continuity in preparation is most important. Take your exam seriously and prepare daily for each subject with time slot.

4. No Negative Marking: One of the best parts of this exam is that there is no negative marking in this exam. Mark the approximate choice even if you do not know the proper answer.

5.Speed: You should have good speed to pass this exam. We advise all of you to practice more & more because only practice can increase your speed to solve the questions

6. Mock Test : If you are preparing for a competitive Examination, it becomes must to analyze yourself. There are many online mock tests and books are available. You can take help from them.

Strategies during Examination

UPTET doesn’t levy penalty for getting answers wrong. Most people think that this what will get them through. That’s wrong. Luck doesn’t work in this exam. Maybe for 1 in 100. (That too Maybe!)

Here is what you need to do extra to clear cutoffs.

1.  There is no negative marking but there is not much time either. So that makes this exam tough. So be a good decision maker. The questions you have no clue about, guess and move on to next. If you are doing that a lot then you haven’t prepared.

2. Manage the order. It should be clear to you that you have less than a minute to attempt a question due to many formalities during Examinations. So attempt that section first for which you are well prepared. You have to maximize your score in the section you are strongest at.

3. Time slot distribution for each section: You should keep your eyes on time slot with respect to each section. You can’t allocate same time slot for each section. You have 4 sections in which mathematics takes usually more time. So divide your time slot accordingly. Time is running if you have achieved your time slot move to your next section.

4. Save last 5 min for unanswered questions: 5 mins before if you have lot of questions left unattended then mark them all first. You can do B/C/A/D whatever you want – it would just fill if it’s your day. But make sure you don’t leave any question.

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UPTET BEST BOOKS For Preparation



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